DISCLOSURE 101: Be an Ear to Someone Who Discloses Abuse

Disclosures are always half the fight, for all these reasons are perfectly valid and understandable. The mere act of deciding whether to disclose or not can already cause significant amount of distress. And so, when a victim finally becomes ready to disclose, it is important that we are versed with the right steps to employ, for a single mistake can shy the victim permanently away from disclosing his/her abuse.

How It’s Always Been: 6 Signs That You’re Being Neglected

Most people are so used to pretending they’re okay in front of everyone, that nobody notices their struggles. But when you’re dealing with six school projects in the morning, and taking care of your baby brother at night; or when you want to go to school but you’re out in the streets looking for a job or for food—nothing is easy. If you’re facing one or more of these situations, then you know how it feels.